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La Romagna in English: cassone, ham and wine invade the country of porridge

La Romagna in English: cassone, ham and wine invade the country of porridge di Lorenzo Stabile e Meg
The Romagna arrives in London to enjoy that part of Italy, still unknown, the land of the Queen.
From the body to the almond, came the opportunity to discover pearls of an area at the forefront despite its strong culinary tradition.
‘Taste from Romagna’ was the first of a series of events that will transport your taste buds on a journey of the senses and perfumes.
Unique and innovative products such as ham shoulder Norcineria Celli have framed a picture of the wines of Podere Palazzo , Tenuta Casali and other prestigious wineries.
Liqueurs, creams and tasty fruit sauces Coronelli company will then on your tables the renowned products of high pastry.
But there is no Romagna the caisson, or watercress.
A flatbread closed and filled with melted mozzarella, fresh tomato and the opportunity to enrich it with many different ingredients.
‘Le Papere’Rimini presented through a cooking show the delicacy of the most characteristic product of Romagna.
And so now ‘ 8emezzo ‘has collected 22 companies that have created a unique event of its kind, not only for products, but also for the way they welcomed the curious and those who make the kitchen your work .
The next meetings will be held July 19 to 21 at the Trade Fair Bellavita and September 26 to 28 at the Trade Fair WelcomeItalia, both in the English capital.
If you go take a trip from London in Romagna.
Galassi Maria – Azienda Agricola Biologica
Tenuta Casali
Podere Palazzo IMG_1170
La Grotta – Azienda Agricola
Modigliantica – Dolci tradizionali di Romagna
Tenuta Neri Giovanni e Valeria s.s.
La Castellana
it Interiors – Italian Creativity
Le Papere – piade e cassoni
Celli – Norcineria Macelleria
Coronelli – Fugar Produzioni S.p.A Immagine
Lo Conte
Tosi e Raggini
Terre della Pieve
Il Glicine
Valmorri – Azienda Agricola
Tenuta San Martino – Azienda Agricola
La Montagnola

Welcome Italia…

Welcome Italia… There are days when Italy , fortunately, also comes a bit ‘here in London and in fact last week the Royal Horticultural Hall hosted, for the second consecutive year, the exhibition ” Welcome Italy “a three-day fully dedicated to Italian food, and the excellent products that Italy produces.IMG_9783
Thanks to the team of Otto & a half I had the opportunity to walk through the stands and taste of delicacies from every region, some twists and obviously excellence; This event was developed to provide an opportunity for Italian companies to expand their range and reach the market across the Channel. The event was organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the United Kingdom, and has led to England not only products but also excellent wonderful people, and I had the pleasure to talk to them, find out from near their products, try them, know the story , and with this post I will put you meet someone, because they deserve, guaranteed !!!
From beer Spread the dough truffles,to meet Christmas in advance with homemade panettone,IMG_9781 and then the wine, salami, pasta, wine, chocolate , cakes, gluten-free, including mimosa, (which you know is my favorite dessert), a Sicilian cheese with pistachio built, you understand that it was a fair where I was rocked by some of the more good things that can be found in Italy, I also had the honor to taste the best of the oils extra virgin olive oil.
Of course there were also cooking show, where talented chefs have taught recipes and tricks to get the fantastic dishes! last thing this is the Facebook page of a hostess who I met there at the show, I had lost my bracelet and she helped me to find it! was too cute! It is definitely worth a “like” is also looking for Fashion Stylist , if you’re in London and you are interested / and write it!
The companies present at the Fair:
Abruzzo Export
Ad Hoc Il Tartufo
Agostini Elio Snc
Apulia Blend
Azienda Agricola Cancemi / Marvellous-Sicily
Azienda Agricola CavalieriIMG_9815
Azienda Agricola Sergio delle Monache
Azienda Agricola Vigna Maurisi
Azienda Vinicola Tranquilli Giulio
Caffarel / Speciality Food Traders
Caffé Haiti Roma Srl

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