Mixed gratin vegetables (tomatoes, aubergines, peppers)
Italian (courgettes, cooked tomatoes and tuna)
Four cheese (stracchino, blue cheese, parmesan, mozzarella)
Red (tomato sauce and mozzarella)
Green (chard and spinach)
Green with mozzarella (chard and spinach and mozzarella)
Green with cheese (chard and spinach and stracchino)
Green with blue cheese
Red with ham (tomato sauce, mozzarella and ham)
Red with chorizo (tomato sauce, mozzarella and chorizo)
Red with sausage (tomato sauce, mozzarella and sausage)
Red with mushrooms (tomato sauce, mozzarella and mushrooms)
Red with frankfurters (tomato sauce, mozzarella and frankfurters)
Capriccioso (tomato sauce, mozzarella, capers, artichokes, anchovies)
Red with bufala, olives and basil (tomato sauce, mozzarella, olives and basil)
Red with chorizo and blue cheese
Potatoes and sausage
Potatoes and mozzarella
Potatoes, mozzarella and sausage
Potatoes, ham and mozzarella
Potatoes, blue cheese and mozzarella
Potatoes, blue cheese, mozzarella, smoked ham
Smoked ham, mushrooms and mozzarella
Smoked ham, radicchio, mozzarella, italian cheese
Sausage, mozzarella, stracchino cheese
Sausage, onion, mozzarella
Sausage, radicchio, mozzarella
Sausage, gratin peppers, mozzarella
Sausage, radicchio, smoked cheese
Sausage, mushrooms, mozzarella
Spring (sausage, chorizo, mushrooms, mozzarella)
Chorizo and mozzarella
Chorizo, olives and mozzarella
Frankfurters and mozzarella
Tuna, raw onion and mozzarella
Ham and mozzarella
Ham, artichokes and mozzarella
Ham, mushrooms and mozzarella
Ham, olives and mozzarella
Stracchino cheese and rocket
Nut spread


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Filling in timelapse

Cooking in timelapse.

Packs of Cassoni:

IMG_5685-Single Pack Cassone
-8/15 day expiry date
-240 gr

It is possible to ask for the vacuum-packing of the products for a longer preservation