Rolled Piadina

Smoked ham, pecorino cheese and rocket
Smoked ham, buffalo mozzarella and rocket
Smoked ham, mozzarella, radicchio, cheese
Spit-roasted pork, salad, tomatoes
Roastbeef, salad, tomatoes and mayo
Roastbeef, salad, tomatoes, onion, yogurt sauce
Turkey slices, mayo and rocket
Turkey slices, mushroom sauce and salad
Ham, mushroom sauce and salad
Parma ham, gratin tomatoes and stracchino cheese
Tuna, mozzarella, artichokes and salad
Tuna, artichokes, salad and Parma ham
Bresaola, rocket, tomatoes, parmesan
Turkey slices, mozzarella, tomatoes and rocket
Sausage, spinach and chard, and mushrooms


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IMG_5726-Half rolled piadina
-8 to 15 day expiry date
-200 gr

It is possible to ask for the vacuum-packing of the products for a longer preservation